Ship Status

  • Hull condition: n/a
    Ship condition, don't let it drop to zero.
  • Energy: n/a
    Currently available energy. You need this for everything.
  • Credits: n/a
    Your money.


  • Vicinity: n/a
    What's underneath you.
  • [Tab] Scan n/a
    Check what objects there are in the current area.
  • [S] Setting: n/a
    What kind of targets should be displayed after scan.
  • n/a

Weapon Systems

You need a target for the missiles, so use scanner first.
  • [M] Missiles: n/a n/a
  • Pick the target by pressing the number next to it in this list.


  • [E] Energy converter
    Convert matter into energy.
  • [F] Mass fabricator
    Produce stuff.
  • [←↓↑→] Engines n/a
    Use arrow keys to move around. Numpad and "Vi-keys" work too.
  • [⇧ ] Warp drives n/a
    Hold shift while moving to cover distance faster.
  • [ ↲] Descent device n/a
    Enter the location underneath you with Return key.
  • [⇦ ] Ascension engine n/a
    Press backspace to exit the current location and ascend to the higher level.


Shows the items in your cargo hold.

Space used: n/a

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