Test Index

Functional Tests

  1. Functional: All Examples

    Displays all examples for quickly verifying they work.

  2. Functional: Lots of Unicode

    Displays a large amount of different unicode characters.

  3. Functional: Odd Tile Size

    Tests rendering with odd (not even pixel amount) tilesize.

  4. Functional: Squarify

    Tests rendering using the squarify feature.

Performance Tests

  1. Performance: Full Redraw

    Test performance of updating the whole viewport every frame.

  2. Performance: Cached Movement

    Test performance of moving to one direction with the tile cache enabled.

  3. Performance: Backgrounds

    Test performance of changing the background color of every tile, every frame.

  4. Performance: Big Tiles

    Test pixel drawing performance by having fewer but much bigger tiles.

  5. Performance: Lots of Tiles

    Test JavaScript tile processing performance by having a lot of tiny tiles.

  6. Performance: Huge Viewport

    Stress test with lots of medium sized tiles.

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