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A Little Anxious When It's Dark


Made for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge 2011, this is a short coffee-break roguelike, where you search for a treasure through five randomly generated dungeon levels.

The game is played inside a web browser and requires WebGL support, so you need a rather new browser (e.g. Google Chrome 9+ or Firefox 4 - IE won't work). Also, your graphics card needs to be at least OpenGL 2 capable (with decent drivers) for WebGL to work. You can check supported browsers and other notes in Khrono's WebGL Wiki.

Start playing by navigating into the game subdirectory.

You can also download the JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3/GLSL sources from github, but note that running the game locally will not probably work. You need a webserver to answer the XMLHttpRequests that are used for loading shaders from dedicated files (or at least that is the explanation I thought the most likely). And yes, I do want shaders in separate files for syntax highlighting and other reasons.

Gameplay features

  1. Collect and use torches to light up your journey
  2. Fight multiple enemy types
  3. Collect and use health potions to recover from injuries
  4. Use portals to travel to the next level
  5. Find the treasure
  6. Profit

Graphical/engine features


If you are interested, you can read how the 7-day development went and other retrospective notes here.

Licensing stuff

The starting point for this game was a wonderful WebGL tutorial by Giles Thomas @ The content there is licensed Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike license. There are only few small bits left from the original tutorial code, but to avoid pain with licensing jungle, I'll release this for the time being under the same CC-BY-SA license (even though it's not really a software license), with attribution to here and