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City of the Condemned

Seven Day Roguelike Challenge 2010 Entry.

CotC gameplay    7DRL Medal

The game depicts a battle between the armies of Heaven and Hell in a town where the souls of innocent people are in danger.

Play as an angel, a divine warrior of God, with the mission to vanquish all evil and protect the humans.

Or take your stand as a demon, sinister creation of the Devil able to possess the people to create chaos.

More information at the RogueBasin wikipage.


You can download the original 7DRL version (with added 32 bit executables for Windows and Linux) in either zip or tar formats.

For latest version, use these: zip | tar

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://


(Applies to latest version.)
If you wish to compile the game yourself, you need curses (PDcurses on Windows, ncurses on Linux) and Boost headers. You can use CMake to build the game. Normal build procedure is as follows (Linux example):

$ mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make && ./CotC

It's also possible to build without CMake. Just compile all the .cc files and link them with curses as indicated below (Windows example):

$ g++ *.cc -O2 -o CotC.exe -lpdcurses