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Dark Corners

This is a 3D first-person game prototype, which runs in the web browser thanks to WebGL. It's in early stages of development, so don't expect much more than walking around in a dungeon.

Try demo! Try another scene!

Oh no! Your browser or GPU doesn't seem to support WebGL. Unfortunately you can't play the game without it.
This is an early alpha. Performance or compatibility has not been optimized and gameplay is mostly missing.
You may be affected by ANGLE/browser bug.
Try disabling shadows in the options and reloading the game if there are missing textures.
You seem to be using Firefox. It has bad performance and reduced features.
Check out Performance Tips or switch to Chrome.


  • Latest version of Chrome
    • Firefox kind of works too, but has bad performance and some missing features
  • Excellent dedicated GPU and drivers (both must not be blacklisted for WebGL by the browser vendors)
  • Fast CPU and 1GB of free RAM so that JavaScript runs well


This is a game prototype with a fantasy/mediaval setting. It's an experiment in creating a full-blown 3D browser game complete with physics and high quality assets.

Currently the engine is in a demoable state, but the actual game is missing. However, a different game using this engine has been completed and is featured below.


  • Editor for creating and sharing more levels
  • High quality textures, models etc
  • Animated enemies
  • Path finding enemies
  • Rigid body dynamics, i.e. physics
  • Dynamic lighting with shadows
  • Post-processing effects


If you experience problems, follow these steps:

  1. Check that your system fulfills the system requirements on the left.
  2. Read the Known Issues wiki page.
  3. Check out the Performance Tips wiki page if needed.
  4. If the above didn't solve the problem, you are welcome to file an issue.


There is also a level editor for creating and editing levels for the game. For maximum productivity and minimal learning curve, the editor is 2D, but you can test your creation very easily with a push of a button.

Levels can be exported and then shared with friends.

Launch editor »


This game is open source and you can freely study and modify it. The sources, including art assets are available at GitHub.

If you have patches, new 3d models or a kick-ass level, please make a pull request. In case of art, it is strongly recommended to also submit to Open Game Art.

Project page @ GitHub »

Derivative: Plasma Forks

Check out a small but complete scifi first-person shooter based on Dark Corners engine!

Plasma Forks »