1. Minimal usage example

    Shows the basic creation of the objects and how to display them.

  2. Simple dungeon

    Displays a simple scrolling dungeon map where you can walk with arrow keys. Also has collision detection, so you cannot go through walls.

  3. Dungeon with FOV

    Extends the previous example with Field of View calculation, so you cannot see through walls anymore. This is done through the tile engine's masking callback.

  4. Lighting shader

    Extends the previous example by adding a torch lighting effect to the player. This is done through the tile engine's post-processing shader callback.

  5. Infinite forest

    Shows how the engine's tile callback can be used to create endless maps on the fly.

  6. Transition effects

    Demoes the tile function changing effects.

  7. Squarify

    Demoes the feature of making the tiles square in the engine side. This has the drawback of larger gaps between the tiles, so it is not suitable for every kinds of characters/games.

  8. Raycaster

    Pseudo 3d dungeon demoing Viewport usage without the tile engine component.

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