My coding projects.

I code with C++ and JavaScript, among others. My featured projects are cycling above, but also check out the stuff below! As you can probably see, I enjoy making games. However, there are also some tools and libraries. Most of my stuff is open source so you are welcome to look at the source code.

Contributor C++

Stunt Rally Racing game

Race through over a dozen different sceneries, on over 100 varying tracks. I have not created this project, but contributed (among some other things) most of the network multiplayer code.

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Core team C++

Performous Music and rhythm game

Guitar Hero, SingStar, Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution combined. This one is not mine either, but I've put a lot of work into it (600+ commits).

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Core team C++

Composer Song editor

Creating notes for music games in various formats with semi-automated pitch analysis and a rather unique workflow.

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Owner C++ JavaScript FreeBasic


Small but complete games of the roguelike genre. Most are done as entries to the annual Seven Day Roguelike Challenge.

Also related:

Contributor C++ JavaScript

Misc contributions Smaller scale patching

These projects have kindly accepted my patches:

Owner C++ JavaScript Bash Python

Utilities and such Not games


There's an awesome graveyard of old projects!

I got tired of listing all my stuff, so if you wish to see more of my projects, head over to Github.