My personal coding projects.

I code with C++, JavaScript and C#, among others. As you can probably see, I enjoy making games. However, there are also some tools and libraries. Most of my stuff is open source so you are welcome to look at the source code.

Creator C++ JavaScript


I've always been interested in procedural generation, so roguelikes have been a natural fit for me. The games below are small but complete - most are done as entries to the annual Seven Day Roguelike Challenge.

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Creator C++

Weep Engine 3D Game Engine

Personal pet game engine for various experiments and prototypes. Not meant to be "production ready", but has been a nice platform for trying out rendering techniques, gamedev libraries etc.

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Creator JavaScript

Jet Pursuit Arcade Shooter

Top-down high velocity shooter with fighter jets and homing missiles! You can choose between three plane types and three weapon layouts, and customize how many enemies and wingmen you want in the battle.

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Creator JavaScript

Plasma Forks First-Person Shooter

Short 3d scifi first-person shooter in the web browser. It was an entry for the GitHub Game Off 2012 challenge, and also a chance for me to test using the Dark Corners engine experiment to create an actual complete game. A level editor is included.

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Creator JavaScript

Dark Corners 3D Game Engine

Medieval 3d browser game prototype with dynamic lighting, physics and level editor. Powers Plasma Forks.

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Creator JavaScript

Tomatoes Prototype

Playable prototype of a 2d multiplayer "gladiator-arena" game, kind of a remake of an old DOS game called Tomaattisota, but with physics and stuff.

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Contributor C++

Stunt Rally Racing game

Race through over a dozen different sceneries, on over 100 varying tracks. I have not created this project, but contributed (among some other things) most of the network multiplayer code.

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Core team C++

Performous Music and rhythm game

Guitar Hero, SingStar, Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution combined. This one is not mine either, but I've put a lot of work into it (600+ commits).

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Core team C++

Composer Song editor

Creating notes for music games in various formats with semi-automated pitch analysis and a rather unique workflow.

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Creator C++ JavaScript Bash Python

Utilities and such Not games

Contributor C++ JavaScript

Misc contributions Smaller scale patching

These projects have kindly accepted my patches:


There's an awesome graveyard of old projects!

I got tired of listing all my stuff, so if you wish to see more of my projects, head over to Github.